Did you start up on your own, but work more than ever (and are more stressed out than before)?
Are you a slave to your To Do list & want to break free for good?
Do you want to create a kick-ass sustainable business and change the world?

Reclaim your wild power.
Be part of the transformational change. 

Private sessions, sisterhood and modern rituals.


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Private Sessions for the new generation of female entrepreneurs

You've found us!

If you’d rather eat cow brains than struggle another day with being exhausted, stressed out and staring at your mile-long To Do list, this is the utmost time to transform the way you create your business

Did you know that natural cycles - like your menstrual cycle, moon phases and seasonal changes - are the ancient blueprint and secret power source (we all, as women, have access to) for creating a kick-ass business and becoming a freakin’ goddess

Start respecting your body, your energy and your time. 

Learn to say “Yes” or “No” at the right times. 

Become authentic and get your clients and collaborators to follow your rhythm.

Create amazing work

Have a holiday. 

If this is what you want...

Mylky Moon Lab started as a “R&D Lab” to support my own journey as an entrepreneurial female. After going through periods of burn-out and deep stress in my career, I realised it’s not about what we do, but how we do it.
— Merilyn Keskula. Founder

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Join the new generation of entrepreneurs aka #mylkymoontribe 


What an amazing space was created tonight by Mylky Moon Lab! Lots of connection, laughter, smiles, tasty herbal infusion, and beautiful Merilyn Keskula being so authentic, genuine, sincere, warm.

Mylky Moon Lab is creating a community of women who are conducting their business by being in tune the ebb and flow of the cycles. We try so hard to be very male oriented and do everything with the same rhythm. But we are not the same and we are affected by the moon so much!

The mission of Mylky Moon Lab is to connect us to the cycles and feel what’s appropriate to do at every phase. In love.
— Lera Mimizu, Tea Whisperer, T-Lovers
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Modern Rituals 

Breakfast / Lunch Workshop - How can cycle alignment  transform your business. 

Evening  rituals - collaborating with inspirational brands and individuals, we curate & organise an event for your team or client.  From mindful meals, mudras, breath work, tea ceremonies, womb blessings, energy healing and sound baths - anything that helps you to connect with your body & spirit.