+ Describe your work in 5 words.

Inner activism. Creating new culture.

+ What are the most important changes we should make as individuals or as a society to build a sustainable economy that has utmost respect for all beings and Mother Earth?

I believe that our capacity to truly love ourselves - which to me means to integrate and harmonize all our inner dualities such as the light and dark, and the feminine and masculine - is the foundation for creating harmony, including a sustainable economy on the planet.

Relationships and our ability to relate are a wonderful way of mirroring what we are not integrating in ourselves. I love to support people to come into a deeper sense of self-love and self-empowerment through fully owning themselves, and relate deeply to one another and the world around us, from that place. I am also passionate about cultivating the ‘mature’ Feminine and see menstrual cycle awareness as a powerful method of understanding and embodying her.  She brings the capacity for deep listening, an awareness of being deeply rooted in context and creating from that place, an understanding of perfect timing, of wholeness - including how death is part of life, the ability to collaborate, to empathize, and a trust in the mysteries and wonder of life.

+ Why is it important to awaken the feminine power & how could we go about it?

The world needs women to stop identifying with being victims and to stop emulating men to feel powerful and to step deeply into the mature Feminine. I see the suffering in the world as an imbalance between our inner Masculine and Feminine, played out as a war between genders. When we step into our Feminine power and out of the shadow of the Feminine, we are contributing powerful activism towards creating more peace on our planet.

I believe there are many methods to do this.  Noticing our ingrained misogyny such as thinking of emotion or vulnerability or asking for support as weakness. Facing our own shadow, such as the ways in which we play out a cold war with men through e.g belittling or demonizing them or withdrawing our love when we don’t get what we want or playing the martyr or victim card. Listening to our own inner wisdom and the wisdom of our bodies and using that as our guide, rather than outside sources. Befriending our sexuality and our power as sexual beings. My background is in working with sexuality, although more broadly the theme of cultivating a new culture of self-empowerment, radical relating and interdependence is what I am most passionate about.

+ How would you contribute to empowering female leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers?

I offer facilitated sessions in groups or sometimes one-to-one on the themes of sexuality, self-empowerment, cycle awareness and conscious relationship in London, Zurich, Copenhagen & Berlin. I live in a small experimental community in Portugal where we are researching the themes I describe above and where I also organize a ‘Cycles Lab’ where we are doing ongoing research on what it means to live in sync with our menstrual cycles and also astrological and seasonal cycles, and how we can use this wisdom to inspire our work, relationships and wider communities.