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Learn to harness your power through understanding your individual cycle through bespoke 1–1 sessions with Mylky Moon Lab founder Merilyn Keskula

Anticipate the ways you might be feeling around certain times. Energetic, fatigued, creative... our physical energy and moods are in constant change, in tune with internal cycles and the cosmic patterns. Learning to work with these patterns can have profound effects on every aspect of your life: work, relationships and health & wellbeing.

These sessions have helped clients in improving their relationships with their partners and colleagues, balancing work and life, and manage stress.


Each of us have a personal blueprint for reaching optimal performance, and success that is based on sustainable growth. Each of us is part of the universal rhythm, but also distinctly unique and individual. During these tailored 1-1 Sessions we will explore Your individual blueprint and build a roadmap for success.

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I've been running events and workshops for some time now and have never been left with such a deep imprint than I did after my workshop and talk with Merilyn. Her message of awareness, alignment and acceptance is beautifully presented in a simple but profound manner guiding us to harmonise with the deep currents of our body and our earth.
– Christabel Reed  @christabel_rose, cp-Advaya Initiative @advayainitiative


A very inspiring and beautiful workshop about following your flow. I gained a lot of insights and a better understanding of how we, women, work.
It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the masculine way of doing things, which is exhausting. By attending this workshop I got insights and tools for listening more to my feminine side and work with my flow instead of against it. In that way gaining more energy and preventing me from burning myself out.
I strongly recommend to attend this workshop with Merilyn!

- Veronica Campbell, founder of Lip Intimate Care, Stockholm


Having sessions with Merilyn and learning about my own cycle through Moon mapping sessions with her totally changed the way I approach my business life and my social life! I now know how i'm going to feel during the new moon; a time to plan a quiet weekend nesting, and during the full moon; a time to be out in the world spreading my energy amongst friends. In my work life, I am careful to be mindful when planning big meetings or trips in accordance with my cycle where possible, this has allowed me to flourish in work and let the best parts of myself shine.
– Jeya Lorenz, Co-founder 42 ACRES Shoreditch



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