Full Moon in Cancer: Become your own mother and father

December 22nd 2018 5:48 pm GMT

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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Dear Mylky Moon community, 

This last Full Moon of 2018 is pure magic as it holds infinite potential. She is like a huge eternal Mother wrapping her arms around us, comforting and compassionate, bringing whispers of maturity and wisdom. The way we show up in this world is about to change.

You’re always connected 

While the Moon enters Cancer - the sign which represents the Mother - the Sun occupies the place opposite it, Capricorn - the Father. All in all, this feels like going home. Sitting there with your cosmic ever-present parents, taking in all the lessons and words of encouragement they have to share. Staying humble and open. 


This Full Moon peaks in 0 degrees Cancer, in the very beginning of the new sign, and signifies the opening of a portal. Taking place a day after the Winter Solstice on December 21st, marking the darkest point of the year in Northern Hemisphere and re-awakening of the light, this lunar spark also ignites a new, gentle and nurturing, fire in our hearts.

Growing up

The portal invites us to step into those mature archetypes, first for ourselves, then for others - the Mother, who is nurturing, compassionate, giving, but also assertive and protective if need be - and the Father - practical, resilient, persistent, systematic, taking care of the physical needs, creating structures. Take personal responsibility for your own actions, raise yourself to your highest being and then nurture the world and all beings around you.

Solstice Full Moon 

The Solstice Full Moon asks us to look at the ways you sustain and nurture yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally and ask if that’s enough? Are you happy? Maybe there are some radical shifts to be made in 2019. Some bold Yes’s or No’s to be vocalised? Healthy boundaries to be put into place?

The task is to gather your own energy, everything which has become fragmented over the past year, and let your own wholeness guide you forward in 2019. So you can share the gifts you’re here to share.

I hope these last days of the year will be filled with love, kindness and laughter, full of magical connections with your loved ones, wherever you are. Take a break, when you can, and say goodbye to this year - with gratitude for the people who entered your life, the adventures you had, the transformations that took place.

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