Full Moon in Scorpio: We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

18 May 2019 22:11 GMT

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“In chaos, there is fertility.” ― Anais Nin

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The process of purging is mostly not much fun, while it happens. Like we’re usually not super excited of the thought of spring cleaning or major clear out. However, after the dust has settled, we’re feeling lighter, able to breathe deeply and be more ourselves. Only left with things that are truly us and bring joy, rather than deplete our systems with junk. 

It’s like scrubbing off a layer of dead skin cells or washing off a chemical-filled stinky body lotion some aunt gave us for Christmas all these years ago. 

Scorpio-like purging means saying NO - often in a forceful, even aggressive, way - to anything that feels wrong. Everything that we have carried with us, repressing, in order to keep peace and harmony.

Scorpio as the door-opener

The alchemical transformation is not always a harmonious matter. Not always sane nor filled with comfortable quiet conversations. The process of transformation can be fierce and loud and chaotic. It can be painful and confusing - but if we are able to stay aware and conscious of what is happening and see the root cause of our upset, upheaval and pain, we are taking a big step closer to our truth, pleasure and happiness. 

Scorpio is saying: Be the Goddess / God in your body. Strong emotions may help us to connect with our bodies again as they are often deeply visceral.If we can feel pain, we can feel pleasure and vice versa. Scorpio invites us to feel the depths of the soul, rather than remaining numb and disconnected to the experience of life. 

Scorpio as Kali - the fierce goddess of destruction

I’ve just come across a story about Kali (one of the Hindu goddesses)- she was out of control on the battlefield and ready to destroy the entire universe. Shiva - her male counterpart - pacified her by laying down under her foot, both to receive her blessing, but also to calm her.

This  represents well the current Scorpio energy and our needs - the feminine within is growing fiercer, the Goddesses and Priestess of the modern era are emerging and we need the masculine energy (either within us or in men) to calm and channel it, so the bubbling power is birthing healthy and positive change for ourselves and our communities. 

Kali is representing rebirth - the dark appearance of Kali represents the darkness from which everything was born - like Scorpio
is rebirthing us into new beings.

Own your power 

Scorpio is about sex, power and other people’s money - does it trigger you? Words that have been regarded as taboo for a long time, but, when channeled and used in a mature and healthy way,  are the most important tools for manifestation. 

We need to cultivate our sexual energy in order to live empowered lives. Sexual energy is our main energy for manifestation, not just for birthing babies, but anything we want to create. 

We need to step into our self-worth to ask for a just exchange of money and services when it comes to the work we do. As we have Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in retrograde, we have given the time to reflect and fix anything out of alignment. 

And Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in the Earth-sign Taurus show us thatthe more you give yourself time to connect with nature in whichever way, the more you’ll receive - from messages and insights to deep knowing and magical synchronicities - and cultivate  self-love and  healthy energy flow. 

We can always count on the blessings of Mother Earth. 

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