New Moon in Aquarius: Let go in order to expand

4 February 2019 9:03:35 pm (GMT)

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“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

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Dear Mylky Moon community, 

New Moon is a quiet time of waking up after the void, shedding the darkness and shadows of the night. Similar to taking your time to wake up in the morning - perhaps having a cup of tea in bed, doing some simple movement or breathing…The new moon is like the new dawn each day.

Do things differently

The Aquarius energy is one of detachment in order to find the ultimate truth. We often get so hooked on our habits and routines, holding onto them as a safety mechanism. Although having daily rituals is amazing, sometimes we do need to rock the boat and question things. Our life is in constant change and evolving, so it makes sense that our habits and rituals should also reflect that. 

For example, while I lived on my own, I used to have a 2-hour “Goddess Rising” practice every morning composed of movement, self-massage, breath work, journaling… Once I moved back to London to live with my partner, it has radically changed and I’m still figuring out the new rhythm. Now, it’s more modular and flexible - depending on our schedules and my cyclical energy level.

Let go in order to expand 

For expansion, relationships are a gift. They often make you question the way you do things and whether you are just holding on to old stories. Reluctant to let go of habits that you think are keeping you safe, but actually just keeping you away from expansion and living life fully. 

Be selfish

I have a lot of Aquarius-people around me and learnt a great deal from them. As an air sign, they know how to use their mind to see the bigger picture - detaching from everything that’s “fluff” in one’s life. Aquarius goes beyond mundane. They have very clear boundaries and know when to say No.  Ultimately - doing less and constantly questioning whether you can detach and overhaul the way you go about life  IS self-care. It's constant innovation in order to expand.

The more content, clear and fulfilled we are, the more we can give. The more power we have to have a positive impact. The more energy we have to innovate and come up with new solutions - and that’s what the world needs from us right now.

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