New Moon in Virgo: Healing your Goddess power

September 9th 2018 6:01 pm GMT

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Awaken the strength within
Awaken the Goddess power
The serpent
The healer

The one who knows what she wants
And listens to the secret whispers 
to make it happen

The one who puts her own needs first
And asks them to be met
So she can serve others

The one who cultivates beauty within and without 
The one who sees self-care as a revolutionary act
and embraces darkness as much as light

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Dearest #mylkymoontribe

The whirlwind of summer is over, and we’re ready to settle down. Go slower.Carefully sifting through our habits and patterns, separating them into what we want to take with and what doesn't serve the person we are becoming any longer. Looking at what we can harvest from the seeds planted in the spring and which fruits we want to keep nurturing. 

This New Moon brings the conviction to have a close, analytic, look at our growth strategy. What makes you blossom and what dries you up. Virgo Moon gives us the power and energy to put in the hard work, day after day. Going from reflection to action and back again to achieve perfection. 

Virgo Moon wants to tick the boxes. To get stuff done. To streamline your life and clean up your sock drawer.Our task now is to cultivate the Goddess side of Virgo - the side who knows her power intimately and realises the impact of self-care and self-respect.

She is not a martyr, but a queen. 

She is empowered by the wisdom that comes from connecting daily with Mother Earth in whichever way possible - even if it’s just a quick glimpse on a cobweb moving in the wind.

Becoming empowered from within is what this new moon is asking us to do

Find the healer from within through re-building your connection with nature. Embrace the dance of light and dark. Deep inside we all know that we are perfect and imperfect simultaneously.

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