New Moon in Pisces: Triggering sensitivities - but you emerge stronger

6th March 4:03 pm GMT

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“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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Dear Mylky Moon community, 

I’m so sorry I’m terribly late with this Moon Letter… but then, maybe you all felt the shifts and challenges on some level. And all in all, everything has a perfect timing at the end.

This moon cycle definitely started with showing where my sensitivities and triggers lie and maybe it was the same for you - especially in the area or life (the astrological house) where this new moon was born. Mine was 7th - the house of relationships. 

Pisces is a sensitive one and comes with emotions and feelings we often can’t even articulate. Things happen and trigger us in the subconscious level and it might take a while to finally see it all clearly or make sense of everything going on.

This new moon was also exactly conjunct (meaning - when we  look out into the cosmos from the Earth, these planets seem to be in line) with Neptune, the planet of illusions and dreams. Hence, more awkward, unclear energy was poured into the cosmic cauldron, into our energy fields. 

At the same time, when you had the time and space to just to be, float and swim around freely in whatever came up - this was probably the most beautiful time. 

I was attending the Jade Egg Initiation Weekend which definitely gave me much-needed space - Kim Robinson being the most feminine, gentle and beautiful teacher with immense amounts of wisdom and experience to share. It drew me into the watery realms and is one of the reasons why you’re getting your Moon Letter late this time... ;)

We are also in Mercury Retrograde phase until the end of the month, which is adding another layer to the whole playing field. A lot of stuff may come up, which needs to be reviewed and re-worked and there’s nowhere to hide.

Sometimes we don’t need to know the answers, or the best way forward, but to just hang on and find a way to surrender deeper into what’s in front of us.

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