Full Moon in Libra: Find Your Harmony

5 May 2019 00:45 GMT

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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” ― Audre Lorde

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If you've received these Letters for some time, you'll know that they often say "big change is happening" – as really, we live in a constant change. But the last weeks have brought about a big energetical shift towards embodied change, led from within.

We are in solid Taurus season, which marks the slow, but steady, change towards deepening consciousness through our bodies and the Earth. 

I’ve also talked about pleasure which is the energetical aspect of Taurus moon – how the feeling of pleasure (not just short-lived, but real embodied pleasure that is simultaneously physical, emotional AND spiritual) should be our guidepost, our lighthouse - showing the way and giving a direction to our actions. 

This particular New Moon touches the planet Uranus, that recently moved to Taurus for 8 years. It gives a different spin to the “fixed and earthy” Taurus-season that often favours the status quo. Uranus is the planet of innovation and sudden ground-breaking change, and it’s the first time in 80 years to have Sun, Moon and Uranus in Taurus at the same time

As this new moon also formed friendly relationships with other planets - Neptune, Saturn and Pluto - it came with carrying a boon of vision (our destination), resilience and determination. We are committing to keep building structures that are needed to support the shift towards the future that is deeply grounded and connected with Earth, our roots and ancestral wisdom. As well as aligned to the wisdom of our bodies. 

This New Moon started the 8-year-cycle of, not just seeking pleasure and using it for healing (which is great too), but making us to step to into different reality – where rest, play and pleasure are integral aspects of being alive. Learning to use these tools as something that root us to Mother Earth and our own purpose. 

This was the change we needed so badly. The gong baths, crystal meditations, healing journeys, shamanic ceremonies, moon gatherings - all these are now starting to open the door to the reality for more and more people. Igniting our individual and collective truth, the voice of the ancestors and the land. Not just provide the escape from the "reality" (or from that we thought was "reality" but is just an illusion)

Take every breath knowing that it belongs to the web that connects you with unlimited support from your allies and ancestors - either on Earth now, or as spirits.

Yes, there is still work to be done, habits to be ingrained and past detangled - but we are on the way and there’s no turning back.

From this rooted place, you rise and manifest your fullest potential.

Walk barefoot. Commune with crystals. Call upon and talk to the ancient souls. Gather your resources from within. Whatever you think you're worth - triple it. Feel your roots going deep down into Earth. Know that facing the past and the pain is not a waste of time, but the key to our evolvement 

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