New Moon in Gemini: Never Stop Changing

3 Jun 201911:01 GMT

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“I have said that she had no face, but that meant she had a thousand faces” ― C.S. Lewis

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Gemini is a changeable creature. The (social) butterfly. The time traveller. The portfolio career. Gemini diversifies our stories, it wants you to live many lives in a lifetime and gain experience by learning, connecting, communicating and diving into variety of projects. If you feel stuck in a rut, Gemini is your best ally who pushes you to try something else. Take another path. And - Gemini’s change is not incremental, but radical.

There are so many ways how can change right NOW

Every NO is a YES to something else. Boundaries. We often think they limit and stop us, but in fact, in order to live truly and deeply, having clear boundaries is key. What are you willing to do? What are you not willing to do any longer? Be attentive who you give your valuable time and energy. As Gemini is a fabulous communicator, let people know your needs, wants and future vision with boldness. You deserve it.

Change the way you talk (with yourself). Sounds like a cliche, but you do have a choice how to approach EVERY situation and person. And with the recent “cosmic storms” it has been a challenge to remain calm and collected while feeling triggered. But - the kinder we are with ourselves, the more we take care of our own needs, the more we have energy to give out. In fact, the main reason why we lash out and hurt others is because we are hurting ourself by being in environment that isn’t aligned to our vibration, hanging out with people who are not supporting us and/or having a daily schedule that isn’t aligned to our unique pace. If we change the way we think about ourselves (self-worth!) and talk with others, EVERYTHING changes.

Dive into the life you want to live - now! If you’re thinking about changes you want to make, having visions about your “future life” - what are you waiting for? Gemini can jump from one way of life to another like changing outfits. Want to boost your looks - never leave the house without red lipstick, starting now. Want to live a LA-lifestyle - start enjoying the sun (whenever available), stock up on superfood powders and get blending - starting now. Want to change you career - it’s easy to set up or change your website nowadays. You can do it now. Get yourself out there.

Keep learning. What are the topics that interest you? Gemini is all about gathering and disseminating information, so if there’s a time to spend money on books, courses and retreats, it’s now.

Gemini pushes us out from the comfort zone.

Once you make the leap, you open the door to synchronicities.

We’re all in this together.

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#1 Beauty & Wellbeing Series - NOURISHMENT with Jodie Abraham

June 19th


#1 workshop of our Beauty & Wellbeing Series - Nourishment - leaves you with new wisdom about nourishing yourself through food and self-care rituals throughout your monthly cycle. Hosted by nutritional therapist Jodie Abrahams, we will also learn how to tune into the body's signs to better understand what's happening physiologically and emotionally. Nourishing 3-course meal + welcome drinks and snacks created by HARA, leading us through the phases of the cycle. Our host Jodie Abrahams is an east-London based registered nutritionist. Jodie takes a holistic approach to women's health using a combination of nutrition and lifestyle practices to support the individual as a whole. She has a special interest in the relationship between hormonal balance and emotional wellbeing.




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If you have been wondering about cyclical living and how I work, this is a great opportunity for a “sneak peak” into radical empowerment and self-care through understanding your flow. I’m joining with HARA to bring you the next MOON LAB, where we align with the deep and transformative Scorpio Full Moon, both, energetically and physically (food!). Our aim with the Moon Labs is to bring together a London-based community of entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, healers and creatives who are ready to follow their inner authority through cyclical living and connection to natural rhythms.


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Read —

How to Breathe by Ashley Neese

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Nadine Artemis is a game changer in beauty world. Period.

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