Full Moon in Virgo Feb 2019

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19 February 2019 
3:53 pm (GMT)

"The power of imagination makes us infinite."

– John Muir

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Dear Mylky Moon community, 

Another powerful moon.
A lot wants to come through during these days and it can be quite intense (and transformative), but breathe and keep flowing forward in the beautiful lunar waters.

If the Full Moon phase feels overwhelming to you, I deeply recommend to reduce your intake of any stimulants for few days - this can be alcohol, caffeine or sugar for instance, or too much screen-time, loud music, etc. 

Our bodies and energy levels can be overstimulated and over-energised, so when we add all the extras it can leave us ungrounded, rather than able to use this powerful cleaning and healing energy.


You are whole 

Virgo is a reminding us that we are whole, we are all God / esses, Kings / Queens. Virgo wants to be of service, but it needs to do it from a grounded space. Not from the sense of lack and need for validation,  but from the place of sovereignty and true embodiment.  To be of service, we must remember that we are sacred. We all are, but do we really embody it on daily basis?


How to cultivate your God/ess (while living in the city)

1.  LOVE YOURSELF - practice self-love. You can do this at any moment and it takes seconds. How does it feel to bathe in the deepest and most heartfelt love? Imagine it like a warm glow, inside and outside. Feel your uniqueness and value. Be grateful for what you bring into the world. When truly valuing ourselves we become the lighthouses for others.

2. CREATE AN INDOORS  JUNGLE - a succulent in the bathroom and aloe vera in the kitchen - that’s already a good start and they take very little effort to take care of. Find your nearest suppliers!

3. MAKE MEALS (AND EAT MINDFULLY) - food is a powerful medicine and we should treat it with reverence. Cooking and eating is another practice that helps us to ground and connect with nature.

Honestly, I didn’t know a thing about cooking - and am still extremely reluctant to do it (especially as my partner can beat me any time with his incredible creations) - but, every time I make an effort in the kitchen, something does shift in me. I’m not talking about hours by the stove, even making kale chips matters! And it’s far cheaper (and tastier) than the shop bought ones…

3. MAKE FRIENDS WITH CRYSTALS - I love The Crystal Code by Wolf Sister. Living with and taking care of crystals is a beautiful practice. They are energetically supercharged pieces of Mother Earth that you can truly use on-the-go or wherever you are - create little altars at home or while travelling, carry them in your pocket or bag, have them next to your laptop for inspiration and support…

4. SCHEDULE "AN HOUR FOR YOUR INNER KING/QUEEN" ONCE A MONTH (or as often as you like) - the hour I’m most looking forward to each month is my facial with Ellie Gill at the recently opened Still treatment room. Or learn about skin & rituals at our Skin Ritual workshop with Mirrorscope on Tuesday, 26th.
(Full moon gift: Use code HARA20 for 20% off)

5. HEAL YOUR FEMININE SEXUALITY - if you think Virgo is a virgin, it's not true. She’s the powerful woman, who is whole in Herself. She knows the power of her womb and embodies the wisdom we receive from connection to the Earth.  How do we connect to this feminine wisdom, Earth and our bodies?


Virgo Full Moon lit up the need to become empowered from within.
It’s our responsibility to follow our own flow and intuition so we can heal ourselves, the pains of our ancestors, our lineage and our future.
Go easy! Virgo can be quite a perfectionist and the harshest self-critic! ;)

I’ll leave you with the poem I shared back in September
-during Virgo New Moon 

Awaken the strength within
Awaken the Goddess power
The serpent
The healer

The one who knows what she wants
And listens to the secret whispers 
to make it happen

The one who puts her own needs first
And asks them to be met
So she can serve others

The one who cultivates beauty within and without 
The one who sees self-care as a revolutionary act
and embraces darkness as much as light

Moon LettersChristel Voss