We see ourselves as a R&D lab exploring a variety of tools from womb blessings, mindful meals, mudras, breathwork, tea ceremonies, energy healing, tea ceremonies and sound baths - anything that helps us to tune into our body, mind and spirit.

During each New and Full Moon we publish a curated list of  products and services to support and inspire you.  

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Scorpio Full Moon 

Mama Moon magic potion. My favourite is Supreme Abundance with aloeswood, that helps you visualise how to make the most of your abilities & recourses, and patchouli to draw in love, wealth & sexual power. 

 Treatment by Katrine Cakuls. Mind-blowing and highly recommended!

Amazing gems you just stumble upon, like Om Bohem Tea Room in the Tallinn Old Town. 


Taurus New Moon 

Shunya Mudra (hand gesture) when you're travelling by plane is a miracle cure during take-off and landing. It reduces the air element in the body, hence making you feel much more grounded. Also works with motion sickness and when travelling by car or train. 

Cleansing, calming or grounding essential oils to tab on your wrists and inhale during the flight. Especially great are the ones which also protect your immune system. I love Neal’s Yard Remedies and Vitruvi.

Healthy snacks like Pollen & Grace sweet potato + peanut butter flapjack. 

Move your body as soon as you land in your destination - whether it’s a yoga class or spinning. If not possible, go out for a walk.


Read Pussy


Libra Full Moon 

Sage for clearing yourself and your space from any negative energy - I love the one from She Lost Control.

This book is a must for any cyclical being - taste your Wild Power.

Have been doing the virtual 10-day breathwork challenge by lovely Lauren Spencer King from Fields of Study - she's apparently releasing her next course this summer for the ones who are not in the US, so make sure you keep an eye out.