Katrine Cakuls, Manual Therapy

+Describe your work in 5 words - (this is a tough one!!)

Scientific, psychospiritually informed manual therapy


+ What are the most important changes we should make as individuals or as a society to build a sustainable economy that has utmost respect for all beings and Mother Earth?

As individuals, we should learn to turn inwards, via meditation or thought contemplation with a goal to weed out negative thoughts, and create new mind patterns that lead to self love, and feelings of love, joy, gratitude and other "positive" emotions.

It is important to recognize that we as individuals not only part of local societal, cultural and gender groups, but also on a larger vision, part of the universe as a whole - a universe that we create through our thoughts and actions.

Spend time with people that have different cultural and/or economic backgrounds

Travel to places you have never experienced


+ Why is it important to awaken the feminine power & how could we go about it? 

First, understand/get to know your physical female body.

Do you know what all the parts of your female body are, where they are, how they work, and how to take care of them?

Seek help for what you don’t know or if there are physical/emotional problems.

From there you can meditate on your physicality and learn to feel where there may be restrictions of movement and energy.

Learn about your cycles, how they interact with the cycles of nature, and what you can do to make the most of your cyclical nature (work with Merilyn!).


+ How would you contribute to empowering female leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers? 

I would continue my work that looks at freeing physical and/or emotional restrictions in the body through my treatments.

When the body is moving well, nerve signals can be sent freely, hormones can be made and delivered better, so allowing nervous system functions to improve: focus improves, concept integration is better, planning can be clearer and envisioning or creating strategies becomes easier.

On top of this, you can get through long, tough days feeling more comfortable physically.