Mentors Circle

Natasha Richardson, Forage Botanicals


+ Describe your work in 5 words. 

Natural. Seasonal. Self-care. Periods. Botanical. 

+ What are the most important changes we should make as individuals or as a society to build a sustainable economy that has utmost respect for all beings and Mother Earth?

I believe that if we learnt about the utility of the plants that surround us we would be more inclined to protect it. I teach women to use botanical extracts and natural cosmetics to create self-care rituals for a better period. 

+ Why is it important to awaken the feminine power & how could we go about it? 

We have been brain washed to believe that the unique experiences we have as women - periods, child birth and menopause, are all terrible. We have to reclaim those experiences and educate ourselves (and people without periods) about their positive traits. 

+ How would you contribute to empowering female leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers? 

As a herbalist I am uniquely qualified to talk about how you can use plants to align yourself with the seasons and your menstrual cycle. 

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