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We are the incubator for next generation leaders who follow their own flow, set their own pace and create in alignment with the cyclical rhythms within and around them.



We have many blueprints for cyclical way of living and working; guides for a life that breaths in alignment with the rhythm of the world around us.


Awareness of our state of being and connection to natural cycles is the foundation for transformational and sustainable change on an individual and collective level. Within these cycles – from the menstrual cycle to moon phases and seasonal changes – lie ancient blueprints and the secret power source we all have access to. 

By tuning into the inherent wisdom of our own bodies and natural patterns through reconnection and alignment with the cyclical ebb and flow within and around us, we can re-build our life & work on a sustainable foundation, filled with creativity, intuition and ease. 

The way we create and run businesses needs a shift of values. We need a new economy based on sustainability, collaboration, care, empathy, abundance consciousness and ease, as opposed to competition, profit worship, perpetual consumption, non-accountability and ego. Mylky Moon Lab empowers leaders and creatives to realise their visions through aligning to their cyclical energy and power. 


Our Mission

  • Help you to identify your needs and desires and establish the ways to have them met.

  • Help you build tools to create and navigate more harmonious relationships with your partners and those around you.

  • Support you to create a flowing rhythm in your work and organise a schedule that fits in with your life, your moods and your energy.

  • Incubate thriving businesses, but not in expense of physical and mental wellbeing

  • Reconnect to a more natural way of living; by living in synchronicity with the world around us, we can connect to natural timing of things.


We Offer

  • 1-1 Sessions

  • Workshops

  • Free Resources

  • Community