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Mylky Moon is a hub that aims to facilitate women and men on a journey to live more cyclically using this natural rhythm of the world.



The Moon gives us a map to a cyclical way of living;
the blueprint for a life that breathes rhythm into the world around us.


Mylky Moon’s mission is to:

  • Help you to identify your needs and desires and establish the ways to have them met.

  • Help you build tools to create and navigate more harmonious relationships with your partners and those around you.

  • Support you to create a flowing rhythm in your work and organise a schedule that fits in with your life, your moods and your energy.

  • Facilitate entrepreneurs to maximise their capabilities and push their businesses to thrive

  • Reconnect to a more natural way of living; by living in synchronicity with the moon and earth, we can connect to the core of who we really are.

We do this through:

  • 1-1 consultations

  • Workshops

  • Information sharing

  • Connection

  • Community