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Community for the next generation leaders who follow their own flow, set their own pace and create in alignment with the cyclical rhythms within and around them. Through our workshops & courses, in-depth private sessions and pool of free resources, we help You to build businesses that change the world.

Illustration “Water“ is designed exclusively by Elisa Vendramin for Mylky Moon Lab.

Private Sessions

Each of us have a personal blueprint for reaching optimal performance, and success that is based on sustainable growth. Private Sessions are 3 x 60 min 1-2-1 sessions to explore your personal blueprint and the unique layers of cycles within and around you. The tools I use are menstrual cycle tracking - if you have a natural cycle - and your birth chart for personal lunar blueprint.

Before starting to work together we set your goals and structure for the sessions (the masculine part), then dive into the waves (the feminine part) to define your energy flow and align your life, work and creations to the pattern that is unique and natural to you.

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"Merilyn is the most wonderful person to work with. She is incredibly knowledgable about cyclical living and the ways in which you can leverage this knowledge in a way that works for you. I can’t recommend the personal 1:1 sessions enough - I unlocked many powerful insights that will help me be significantly more effective in both my personal and professional life."
– Helen M.


Moon Labs: join our events

We host a range of pioneering and unique events and workshops to inspire, empower and educate our community. The breadth and depth of our events assure inclusivity for everyone searching for a new, aligned way of living and working.

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Illustration “Snake“ is designed exclusively by Elisa Vendramin for Mylky Moon Lab.
Illustration “Air“ is designed exclusively by Elisa Vendramin for Mylky Moon Lab.

Moon Letters

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